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Connection X - Bumble

Spec Project, 2024

Connect X is a campaign project I collaborated with my designer friend Gloria Wong , for Bumble's ten year anniversary campaign that uses illustrations and brand alignment to exemplify the core values that have allowed Bumble to be a premier matchmaker for the last X years, namely safety to be our own unique & diverse self, empowerment to find what we want, and encouraging genuine connections.

The campaign utilizes MTA out-of-house advertising & Instagram social media stickers for outreach and Parade brand underwear to encourage interaction.

Connect X's core narrative is the story of new couples' journey to explore their relationship over X years. From movie night at the cinema to seeing the real thing in person, or from feeding each other over video feed to adventuring out to a strawberry field, each person's X years together is special and unique.

Illustrations I created

The Campaign Contents
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