Solo Exhibition - OVERLOAD

Vyolet Jin’s Solo Show, May 3rd - May 14th, 2024

Accent Sister Gallery Space, Jersey City, NJ

Curator: Nany Chen

OVERLOAD visualizes Vyolet's internal self-image and merges it with the chaos of the digital world. Emotions are symbolically represented as folders in an 'electronic file system', with each folder representing a different state. The audience interacts with three main walls to explore these emotions, from the hidden figures in the 'Unconfident' folder, the overwhelming pop-ups in 'Overthinking', to the red notifications in 'Anxious'. Ultimately, these emotions are packaged and discarded into the recycle bin. The exhibition is later featured in the Australian Publication Ramona Mag.

You can find the more detailed Exhibition Intro here.

Reception Night at Accent Sister Gallery
May 3rd, 2024
Jersey City, US

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